The traditional CV is so last century. It tells you very little about the candidate as a person: what makes them tick, what floats their boat, what sort of team player they are. It's been a familiar experience for many interviewers, for the person coming to interview, to bear little or indeed any relation to the CV upon which the decision to offer the candidate an interview was made.

Hire On Sight changes all that. You get to see photos of the candidate. You get to see and hear the candidate talking before you offer an interview. In this way you get a real feel for the person before anyone's time is wasted. No longer do you have to conduct an interview just as a courtesy to someone who is clearly not a good fit for the role, direct work team or company culture.

And as a potential candidate, you know if you're invited for an interview, that you're not wasting your time. No more will anyone be taking a morning off work, to go to an interview for a role at a company that they are clearly unsuited for, wasting time and money travelling, getting hyped up and learning about a company that is never going to make a job offer. Of course a Living CV does not tell the whole story about you — it's more akin to a movie trailer. It's a mini showcase of you and helps employers determine whether it is in your and their interests to meet up.

We believe that Hire On Sight is a major step forward in helping recruiters find the right people for the right roles at the right time. That's just so much more rewarding for all parties than the traditional "blind date" that wastes so much time and effort.

For efficient recruiting and job search, the perfect solution is Hire On Sight.

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